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BirthRight Summer Apprentice Intern Program

The BirthRight-Legacy program uses the AGILE | ECOSYSTEMS, AGILE for Life!
Curriculum to help students to see themselves as Innovators, Leaders and Entrepreneurs. AGILE is an acronym for “Accelerated, Global Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. The BirthRight program AGILE Curriculum also shows the students how to see themselves as valued and valuable human ASSETS operating in different
personal, family, community and world “ecosystems.” As human-centered ecosystems, businesses are sustained by INNOVATION and MARKETING. Innovation is creating valuable products and services, and Marketing is how the business reaches its market and transforms prospects, suspects and ultimately customers. To this end, the objective
of the BirthRight Program is for caring business owners to serve as African American student Mentors willing and able to cultivate their student interns as “Innovation and Marketing” ASSETS.

Our 2021 Summer Intern Program runs from May 31 through July 31, 2021. During this 9-week period, BirthRight Excelsiors will work approximately 20 hours per week at your place of business completing assigned tasks. Teen participants will be given a stipend of $15 per hour, along with a $200 clothing voucher and $300 travel voucher which will be paid by BirthRight. Business owners will schedule students (students must be available every Monday from 4-6 pm for BirthRight meetings) to work approximately 20 hours per week. Businesses will be required to complete a beginning of program survey (week 1), mid program survey (week 5), and end of program assessment (week 9) for their intern.


As a BirthRight-Legacy Mentor, the owner and/or an approved senior manager/supervisor in the business must agree to share their wisdom, experience and knowledge of what it “looks like” to think, act and work as a(n):
a. INNOVATOR – (i.e., one who creates new valuable products, processes, markets, etc.)
b. LEADER – (i.e., one who knows how to develop self and others to achieve common goals, etc.)
c. ENTREPRENEUR – (i.e., one who knows how to build a team (Leader) to scale a valuable customer solution (Innovator) and develop a business system capable of sustaining the business and its owner(s).